Digital communication and production services

A digital communication strategy is vital for the longevity of any business in this digital age. Big Idea works closely with our clients to develop an effective digital plan to grow your business across a recommended mix of digital channels.

Our team of experienced and strategic digital developers builds and establishes all the correct channels, working closely with our creative teams of designers and content creators. Our digital media buyers ensure that the best virtual exposure to the right audience lead to a viral message and brand spread. The team also closely monitors the success of the media plan and ensures effective solutions are in place to grow your brand and convert marketing into sales.

Digital communication is such an effective marketing channel that even Small Medium Enterprises (SME) can successfully utilise it to grow their businesses. Big Idea provides the basic plans and set-up and coverts big ideas into real sales.

Our Digital Communication services include:

Digital media consulting and project management.

Website development, design and content creation.

Digital media creative content creation and management.

Social media development, creative and content.


Digital strategy/ plan.

Digital/ online advertising.

Video and sound production.

Digital publications – design, content creation and publishing.

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